Monday, May 08, 2006

Weekend Round-up

Do you ever long for Monday, just so you can bring an end to the busy-ness of the weekend? Sad to say, this weekend I did. Normally, we have just a couple things going on a weekend, and I have great spans of quiet time to catch up with the TiVo, a good book, and a nap on Sunday afternoon. The past couple days I have bounced from one thing to the next, and when Sunday afternoon rolled around, though I had a little lie down, my mind was far to full to sleep. I've not even turned on the news this morning, I am so enjoying the quiet. So, here (for anyone interested) is my weekend round-up. Saturday started off with the knit group celebrating its first birthday, with a "dye day" at Christy's house (Christy of Crazy Monkey). The gals were dying yarns like they would never get another chance...Linda using greens and blues, MJ using pinks and purples..... was a dyers heaven. Upstairs there was warping, wrapping, winding and knitting going on. We filled the house with fiber follies and a good time was had by all. I, however, did not dye, as I was scheduled to be at Table Rock Llama's for my spinning class at noon. Spinning. My sole purpose for taking this class was to determine whether spinning is something I really want to do, or if I will find it tedious, or difficult (or whatever) and be able to once and for all put it out of my mind. After three and a half hours of instruction, and a couple more of practice, there's a lot I'm learning about myself, my preferences and--oddly enough--my knitting. The class began with a short history of spinning, all the way back to 'Thag' who first had the thought---hmmm, sheep stay warm. Thag wear wool. Thag stay warm. I had never really thought about the hours and hours of spinning it must have required to weave sail for Viking ships. Anyway, what followed was a lesson on using a drop spindle. Look at the gorgeous fiber I got to practice with! After an hour or so I had this: Not in any way perfect, but it is yarn. From there we got to play with the spinning wheels, in this case beautiful Ashford Travelers. For this exercise I used a different roving, one that was not so slick, and produced this: Still, far, far from perfect, but is yarn. I brought home the wheel I was working on to get a little more experience and later in the evening, I dug up some roving that was living in the closet and came up with this:

Here's what I'm discovering: If I am going to be a spinner, I will have to be a process spinner, not a product least for a good long time. It will take me a month of Sundays to produce anything consistent. I was lying in bed looking at the spinning wheel and my sad little hank of handspun, when I was reminded that the thing I love about knitting is the way I can produce lovely, uniform, even stitches. I'm not going to get that with handspun. The thing is that in order to become consistent, I will need to invest countless hours of practice, hours that (frankly) I'd rather spend knitting. My plan is to take some time this week to play around with the wheel and fiber, and decide whether to press on or give it up and concentrate on knitting. I think whatever I decide, it's a worthwhile skill to have, but I'm not going to force myself to love it. Either I will, or I won't.

When I got home, Mister Brad and I were on the hook to watch the little dude....he's just so darn fun. And clever. At one point of the evening, the skies had been grey following a hum-dinger of a thunderstorm. The sun broke through and Stephen ran to the window and said "It's SUNNY, and GORGEOUS! Time to blow bubbles!" After we finished laughing, we, of course, went outside to blow bubbles. Sunday morning after church we had lunch with a family (from our church), and then headed off to the ballpark. The ballpark is only about a mile from home---we can watch the fireworks from our bedroom window. Yesterday was Air Force appreciation day, so our tickets were free. Hot dogs were 25 cents (and Brad claimed the tasted just like the $3.50 hot dogs----go figure). Our SkySox are the AAA team for the Colorado Rockies. Unfortunately we lost 4-2 to the Las Vegas Dodgers. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy the ballpark. The sounds and smells, the beer guy with the funny hats, all the goofy stuff they do between innings. I'm looking forward to the next chance to go. Last night I joined Eva for a movie night and a couple glasses of wine. We watched "The Family Stone," which was a good flick, and full of headlining actors. Friday night Brad and I watched "Mrs. Henderson Presents," which was hysterical, with Judi Dench. It was laugh out loud funny, and based on true events. Today, I need to get caught up on some housework and laundry and such, so that when I plant myself on the sofa with my knitting---or in front of the spinning wheel---I won't feel so guilty. I'm looking forward to stories of your weekends..... Enjoy your Monday :)


At 5/08/2006 10:51:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You were as busy as we were in Portland...I am glad that we both have Monday to recoup and get it together for another week of ???? Who knows. ;)

At 5/10/2006 02:47:00 PM, Blogger Chris said...

Wow! I know what you mean, tho - I'm used to having lazy weekends and since the past few weekends have been rather busy, I'm a bit out of sorts.

At 5/15/2006 05:01:00 PM, Blogger Kyndra said...

Guess what is soooooo WEIRD?!! My BF and I were at the SAME Sky Sox game you went to and judging by the picture, we were like just a couple rows in front of you!!!!


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