Thursday, May 18, 2006

Morning Update

There's not a lot to report today, but here it goes: The end is in sight for the red cardi: Yesterday I sewed up the shoulder seams and figured how long the sleeves needed to be. Surprisingly, off the needles, the sleeve is the right width (at the top) so I just needed another inch and a half or so in length. I'm hoping to get them both done and sewn in today. Also, I took another look at the garter stitch button band and have decided that it really does suit the that's what I'll do. My only worry now is to work the button band around the beginning of the V-neck without it looking wonky. I'm open to any and all pointers.....shout out gang. Our front porch seems to be in the running for a nesting area for a pair of what I think are small swallows. I haven't been able to get a photo; they are rather skittish and very fast. I went out to the porch yesterday to see if perhaps they've started building, but at least when I checked, there was no evidence of a nest. Brad and I were talking about the prospect of a nest on the porch and once we decided the mess would only be temporary, thought about putting a WebCam out there to watch the little family. Stay tuned for more updates. One spring, several years ago, we had a little nest in a fuchsia that was hanging at the front porch. The boys and I loved checking in on that---until the nest was raided by bigger birds and the babies taken. Heartbreaking. I still haven't spun up the hemp, but need to get to that today, as the wheel needs to go back this weekend (sniff). I just can't justify continuing to rent a wheel, and pay for fiber; I really need to find a good wheel to buy, so I'll make another pass through ebay in a bit. The squirrel was visiting out back a few minutes ago, and Kramer is pretty sure he's still out there somewhere....I just think he's so funny from the back I had to share (smile). This is a pretty normal pose for him, at one of the windows, always ready to alert me to intruders, aliens, whatever seems to pass through his field of vision. Kramer is the first terrier I've had, and though he has mellowed in the company of his room mate Jake, he is very territorial, and intensely protective of his purlieu and his family (oooo, look how I snuck in our new word). Okay, enough random blathering for today....let's see if I can get the sweater done :)


At 5/18/2006 09:10:00 AM, Blogger margene said...

Oh yes, terriers can be the terrors of their purlieu.

At 5/18/2006 01:02:00 PM, Blogger Chris said...

So tricky with the word!! :)

At 5/18/2006 08:15:00 PM, Blogger Angela the great said...

oh cute, and he knows it..


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