Monday, May 01, 2006


May is here, and with it hope that life will soon be warm and green---on a consistent basis. Over the weekend we had sun, clouds, rain and snow, Mother Nature trying on different clothes as the season changes. Soon, each day will be punctuated by afternoon thunderstorms, bringing flooding rains and sometimes significant hail. During our first sojourn in Colorado we replaced the roof twice and had a little commuter car totaled....all from hail damage. When I was a child, we would make May Baskets in school, little woven numbers using construction paper and generous amounts of Elmers glue, which we would fill with pansy's and leave on the neighbors porch after ringing the bell and running. It was a celebration of spring, that soon summer would come and school would be out and we would play away the days. Last night I was cruising through the blogs and noticed that's Amy is fresh back from Italy and has posted her photo album on flickr. As I longingly looked through her photo's I couldn't help but notice that many of them looked exactly like mine.....she has a shot of the Ponte Vecchio from the deck of Beatrice Galli's yarn shop that is just like the one I took, right down to the boat skimming by on the Arno. As I enjoyed her slideshow, I was reminded that it was one year ago today (May 1st) that Brett and I landed in Rome and began our own Italian adventure. Stop by and check out Amy's photo's to dream or remember. We had a wonderful weekend here, Date night was spent at a local sushi bar and browsing through the giant sporting goods store in our neighborhood. It's been there for quite a while but this was our first time in (we make fun of it everytime we drive by, it has a name that lends itself to a running gag). Saturday's knit meet was good fun as always and I spent the remainder of the day reading. Last fall, I jumped on Oprah's bookmobile and read "A Million Little Pieces" by the now notorious James Frey. This was before we knew of the--shall we say--embellishments in the memoir. It was a thoroughly captivating story, not something I would normally choose, but riveting and compelling none the less. I was saddened to learn that it was not 100% true. About the time the the news broke, Mr. Frey's follow up book was released; "My Friend Leonard." That is what I read on Saturday. Again, it is a good read, but tempered somewhat by the constant reminder that what has been presented as autobiographical is not necessarily so. Mr. Frey has an interesting style that takes a little getting used to but is very hard to put down.....I read the book straight through. On Sunday I picked up another book, "I am Madame X" by Gioia Diliberto. This is a little more in line with my usual taste in books; a historical novel, in this case based on a great work of art from the late 1800s. I am a little more than half way through and am enjoying very much. Sunday evening we had a very nice dinner out with the little dude's parents, a thank you for keeping him last week. Project Spectrum is moving into the green range for May....I haven't got a clue what to do. The red cardi is going along well (definitely not green), the yellow sock is still AWOL, and the one needle sock is blue. I am playing around with a dish cloth (thank you MDK) in white and LIME, so for now that will have to do. Once the cardi is done I will think about something in green. Over the weekend I received PS Postcard from Kim, what fun to get mail from a new friend in another part of the country or world, as is the case for some). Have a great May Day Monday!


At 5/01/2006 11:14:00 AM, Anonymous Imbrium said...

Oh, I remember May Baskets, too! I hadn't thought about that in years....

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. :)


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