Friday, March 10, 2006


I'm trying something new this morning. Because I'm bunking at my sons' apartment and the wireless connection is flaky, I'm writing this in a word processing program and hoping it will transfer later. Additionally, for some odd reason, Microsoft word has decided to take the morning off, so I'm trying the sample program that originally came installed on my computer. My first full day in Washington was one of highs and lows. After coffee with son number one and his departure for work, I putzed around the place until son number two emerged from bed. I took him to work around 11:30 and then stayed at the restaurant for lunch with my friend Angela. When we lived in the area, The Keg Steakhouse was our favorite place to eat, given the marvelous food and the generous discount for having children in their employ. After lunch I took a bite to eat to son number one, grabbed a cup of coffee from Starbucks and headed over to the store for a couple things. Back at the apartment, I did some tidying up and then left for Lynden, (which is very near the Canadian border) to watch my nephew's dress rehearsal of My Fair Lady. I must pause in the narrative for a moment to tell you that son number two was generously letting me use his brand new cAr....a car that I don't think he has even made his first payment on. Anyone who has ever bought a new car understands how one can be very possessive of a new car, Alex had not even let his brother drive it yet. As I drove around town, cautiously I might add, I felt so, I don't know, privileged, I guess. I was mindful of where I parked and how I drove, keeping in mind that this was my son's very first new car, actually the first car he has ever purchased. The weather in Everett, where the boys live had been unsettled most of the day...mostly cloudy, some sunbreaks and even a bit of rain. As I headed north, the weather got increasingly worse, from misty rain to heavy rain to rain mixed with snow to light snow to snow so heavy it was near whiteout conditions. I considered at one point turning around and heading back south, but I was close to Lynden by this point and my nephew had called during the day, very excited about my arrival. When I neared my destination, the snow stopped and by the time I pulled up to the auditorium, the roads were almost dry, nothing was falling from the sky and all was well. The rehearsal was so, so good, my nephew brilliant as Colonel Pickering, and the rest of the cast equally stunning. I was so proud of all of them, but especially Emory, who shares my love of musical theater. Following the rehearsal, my normally reserved nephew, hugged me, lifting me off the ground, practically dancing with joy over the performance.....I was thrilled more than he will ever know. I have to say, I have never seen him so full of glee. (Emory is the one in the top hat on the right.....poor photo but the best I could do from the balcony.....below is shot of Em and I after the show. Proud aunty :) ) At this point I was anxious to start back to Everett, a drive about an hour and a half. The guys were hosting their weekly poker night and I wanted to be part of the fun. Besides, I was hungry and quite looking forward to food and an adult beverage. Emory's father, my brother-in-law was on duty as a highway patrolman, and said the roads should be fine, he hadn't gotten any reports, or calls for assistance; seems the heavy storm had passed over and all was well. I started off, called the guys to let them know I was on the way, and about five minutes later was startled, (mild word) by a crash from behind. Someone had rear ended me, while I was traveling at about 50 mph. While the reality of what had happened hit me as well, I pulled over, expecting the other driver to the same; I saw the car now ahead of me pull to the side, and as I dialed 911, the car drove off. I could not believe what had happened. The road was only slightly wet, the visibility perfect, my lights were on and I was going the speed limit. The noise from the impact was tremendous, I expected the whole back of the car to be caved in, yet as I spoke with dispatch, I pulled ahead to the nearest intersection and got out of the car to I even began to doubt I had been hit at all, thinking perhaps I had driven over a huge pothole, or other debris in the road. It wasn't until I noticed that my finger was bleeding that I was again sure that I had indeed been hit; surely something cut my finger while I brushed the slushy snow from the bumper of the car. My brother-in-law soon joined me, looked at the car, bandaged my finger and we together worked out what had happened and filled out the required paperwork. After talking to son number one, I continued the drive home, badly shaken but unhurt. Poker night still in full swing, I was met with a good stiff drink and plate of food; Alex had gone to bed long before I got home, after his brother told him what had happened. My heart is broken that his new car is showing (slight, though they are) signs of damage, I'm angry that someone could be so careless as to hit me and then thoughtless or poltroonish enough to leave the scene, and I'm so very thankful that no one was hurt and that my BIL was on duty. What could have been even more frightening was handled with calm efficiency and genuine concern, and for that I'm truly grateful. Okay, enough of that. Today I am off to Camp Knitaway. I need to get my sleep deprived, mildly hung-over, middle-aged self up and going. Assuming that Alex doesn't commit matricide, he will deliver me to the campground, for a weekend of stitching (and more than likely a fair amount of bitching). I will have a complete report and hopefully some good photo's next week. Tune in next week when Favorite Foto Friday resumes. I'll find something really good :)


At 3/10/2006 12:32:00 PM, Blogger margene said...

That is a roller coaster ride! Glad you are safe and the car is going to be ok, too. And look at you...using the new word you it;-)
Have a super good time at Camp!

At 3/10/2006 04:03:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Em was thrilled that he "made your blog"...:) I am so sorry about the car etc. But grateful that BT was on duty to help out. And now you are stitching and having a grand ole time doing so. Thanks so much for making the effort to are like your Dad...a post man...through rain, wind, snow and deliver. I know that Em will never forget your effort. Blessings my friend!! Have fun...M


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