Friday, March 03, 2006

...On the subject of goals

It's time again for Favorite Foto Friday
Here is a shot of Kissing Camels, in Garden of the Gods Park in Colorado Springs. As you can see, it was nearly sunset and with the moon rising over the rocks, it made for a great picture. It was another beautiful winter day, early December, and my friend Angela and I were on our way home from the zoo when we swung through the park. The park is free (I love free parks), an easy drive through, and the spot I always like to take out-of-towners. We've had many picnic suppers and lunches, several nice walks and I've even ridden horseback through the trails. It is a place of amazing beauty. Come visit! Yesterday, I was able to get the socks done (crummy picture....sorry). One of the things I told myself at the end of last year was that I was no longer going to do "time crunch knitting." If I set out to knit something for someone, they would get it when it was done, and not necessarily on a certain occasion. After the race to get the Christmas Stockings knit before Christmas and the hoodie for son number two done by his late December birthday, I thought to myself "This is not fun knitting. If I knit for therapy (as I often say) this is not therapeutic." And so, I resolved to knit on my own schedule, work on what pleases me and enjoy the process. Thus far, I haven't been too successful; the Knitting Olympics drew me in (though I finished much quicker than I imagined I would), and Project Spectrum sounded fun, so I am back in the scheduled knitting groove again. As I write this, I'm thinking, maybe setting knitting goals is not such a bad thing, in fact, I'll bet any crafter has at least a mental list of what he or she would like to accomplish. As I choose projects, I look to expand my experience, to learn something new each time. That, I think, is a worthy goal. Learning is always worthwhile, even if it's learning a new stitch pattern or a new way knitting socks, it keeps my mind active. I may not find a cure for cancer, or bring about a plan for world peace, or make a million dollars before I'm 50, but I can cure boredom, make my own corner of the world a peaceful place and make things to give to others. What goals have you set for yourself and your craft?


At 3/03/2006 12:58:00 PM, Anonymous evan said...

nice did you knit those socks.. my mum is workin on a pair her self


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