Friday, March 17, 2006

Notes from camp

Home again, home again......I do love to go, but my own bed is so nice to come back to. As promised, I will give a few more details about the trip and some photo's. (I know, you are all waiting on the edge of your seats...right). If you stop by from time to time you will know that I live in Colorado. Spring does not come to Colorado when the calendar says it should; we may have nice, warm, sunny days, but the grass is still dry and brown, the trees have no life showing, and you can forget about tulips or daffodils for another six weeks. In the flower beds right next the the house there are crocuses, but for the most part nothing is growing or blooming. Not so in the Northwest. (It's blurry, sorry, the car was moving). The trees are blooming, the daf's are blooming and for anybody with allergies it's not at all cheerful. For me it was heaven. Notice the blue sky??? It's not raining (well, not right here, right now---between here and camp we drove through a bit of everything, and it was only about 25 miles). Camp started last Friday, I got there mid-afternoon and checked in. Alex schlepped the bags into the room I was sharing with my mother-in-law and I sat down to do some knitting. Dinner was outstanding, as usual---not camp fare, but much more like a resort. After dinner we had a gift exchange and a little getting to know you chat, and then off to bed. I had had about 9 hours of sleep since leaving home 2 days earlier and I slept like a rock. Saturday morning after a fabulous breakfast we began learning about incorporating beads into our knitting....good fun. Unlike last year, I had chosen the right stuff for the project and had a good time with it. Here's the progress....

One of the fun bits about camp is all the door prizes, exchanged gifts and goodies you come home with. Everyone wins something, and everyone goes away with WAY more than they brought---

----the big dark thing in the middle is a fleece blanket the folds into it's own pocket, with the camp logo. This was the 10th anniversary of Camp Knitaway, and there were quite a few gals that had been for 8 or 9 of those years. I won the Dale yarn, but the prize that I wanted (and won---TaDa) is a signed copy of this book.

Here's the other thing that grabbed my interest....

I had been wanting to try one of these miniature beaded purses for a couple years, and actually scored a kit for doing one. I'm still trying to get the hang of it; 0000 needles, pearl cotton and beads is a lot to maneuver all at once. Hard to see in the photo, but the beads are lavender on black cotton, and the whole thing is ridiculously small. Whoever came up with size 0000 needles is either insane or really enjoys a challenge. Definitely NOT TV knitting...early in the day with good light and no distractions (at least until I figure out what the $%^& I'm doing.....geesh).

Okay, since it is Favorite Foto Friday I'll toss in just one more.

This is the 100 year old lighthouse at Mukilteo. I took this from the ferry, just before my mom and I sailed across to Whidbey Island for a drive. We had just lunched near the dock and were heading North for a visit in Anacortes.......very nice day.

And now I really must go. In addition to this being my first day back (and all that entails), DH is actually home.....actually taking the free day off AND it's his birthday.

Must go make merry :)


At 3/17/2006 11:26:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

love the picture of the lighthouse...reminds me of the ones that we took pics of in Long Beach a few years back...welcome home...finally am going to the hot tub!! :) Happy St. Patty's Day!!


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