Monday, February 13, 2006

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.....

One of the truly lovely things about living in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, (that I had no idea of before moving here 10 years ago) is that there are more than 300 days of sunshine a year. Even in the dead of winter, while everything is still brown and dry, a truly spectacular day can pop in. Yesterday was such a day. To make it even more amazing is the startling fact that Friday's temperature didn't even reach 2o degrees and Saturday not too much better. Yesterday was bright and sunny, by lunchtime it was in the mid-50's. After lunch and a couple errands, we loaded the dogs in the car and headed to the park. We went for a quick little hike, through the scrub oak and over roots and rocks. The dogs greeted everyone they met on the trail, and left their calling cards as well. After our up and back hike, we headed to the dog park to let the guys run and play with others of the four legged variety. This is always great fun and yesterday was no exception. By the time we joined the group, there were close to 30 dogs, along with their families (we overheard someone saying that there had been about 100 earlier in the day---I can't imagine). We made a loop around the enclosure, Jake and Kramer stuck pretty close to us for the first few minutes, then slowly ventured out. Jake found someone willing to pet him and Kramer darted here and there, being sure to run back to us if things got too intense. The terrific thing about the dog park is that for the most part everybody plays nice---I can only remember one time when there was a dog that got too rough and a fight broke out. The other thing is that everyone there is a "dog person," so you don't have to worry about your dog being a dog. A good time was had by all. It's got me thinking. At the dog park, every new arrival is viewed as a potential friend. There was unbelievable variety yesterday, purebred dogs, mixed breed dogs, big dogs, tiny dogs, older dogs and a puppy or two. High energy dogs, and mellow dogs like Jake. Outgoing dogs that bounced and barked and begged for others to join in a game, some that sat and surveyed the entire parade. It's not so different from our human world, we are all so different, some are high energy, others not. Some jump right in and look for company, others sit back and watch. But just like our furry friends, life is more fun when we view everyone as a potential friend, when we venture out from our comfort zone and explore the park. The rosebud cardie is coming along nicely, the back is finished and the left front is in progress and should be done this afternoon. I'm thinking that I'll sneak a sleeve in next, since I really hate doing sleeves and can't face two in a row. Sometimes I do both sleeves at the same time, but with all the intarsia going on, the various colors hanging off the back, I'm thinking two sleeves on the same needle is tempting the knitting fates, flirting with disaster, so to speak. It is entirely possible that the major knitting will be done this week, though I'm not foolish enough to make a firm declaration to that effect. And so, I'm off to face the day and whatever it brings. The possibilties are endless.


At 2/14/2006 07:53:00 AM, Anonymous Lorna Ruth Bird said...

Lisa, I love this. You are an amazing writer and I love your project. I could totally see you snuggled in with the warmth of your home all around. This is a great thing blogging. I don't know if I could figure it out for me, but keep writing. Love you! Lorna


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