Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Everyone needs a gimmick

Welcome to New Word Wednesday! In an effort to keep you coming back, and elevate our intellect at the same timel, I will attempt to provide a new word each Wednesday, one that you can incorporate into your daily vernacular, thus impressing those with whom you hob nob. This weeks word is xenial, which is an adjective that means: of, or relating to, or constituting hospitality or relations between host and guest. "I, as host of this blog, hope to create a xenial environment, such that a spirit of community exists, and a free exchange of ideas can ensue." Now it's your turn, leave me a comment and try to use our new word in a sentence. On the knitting front, the countdown to the Knitting Olympics is fast approaching and I'm trying to finish up a couple things before the lighting of the flame. One is my 12 inch knitted square to take to Camp Knitaway. Every year the "campers" each bring a square, knit out of something washable, which when combined together are made into afghans for the beds at Camp Brotherhood. (I will go on an on about how excited I am about camp another day). The other project on needles is sock number two for son number one. This particular pair on socks has been in the works for well over a year and it's about time they were finished. It's not that socks take me that long to knit, it's just that I grow bored with them and start something else. I have always knit socks on two circular needles, and as I've mentioned before, I taught myself using this book. I never could get the hang of all those double pointed needles, and since the only knitting I had ever done was 20 years before, well it was all a bit much. I have found that the two circ method works for me. In all the excitement of a new blog, the knitting is feeling a bit neglected so I'm off to work some magic with "two sticks and a string." Ya'll go make your little corner of the world more xenial. new word wednesday brought to you by yours truly and 365 new words a year...workman york


At 2/09/2006 09:44:00 AM, Anonymous ICHermes said...

You lost me at "hob nob"--I didn't know any words outside of comics books actually started with an "X"..I always thought the X was for comic relief. Guess I learnt sumtin'


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